Add a personal touch this Spring

This Spring!

Up your airport game with a bag that says as much about you as the clothes packed inside it; no matter whether you’re a minimalist, trendsetter or classic dresser. With duffles and spinners in a wealth of colours, shades and designs, making a statement in the airport has never been easier.

It’s no secret that style choices often speak volumes about an individual’s personality. Just as often, what someone wears is also a reflection of their mood on that particular day.

Yet when we go on holiday, sometimes all that seems to disappear. For proof, look no further than the airport terminal and you’ll quickly note how many travellers are wheeling somewhat bland suitcases.

But there’s really no reason to wait until you’ve unpacked your bag and retrieved your favourite jacket to make a fashion statement. You can give your travel look the finishing touch with a bag that says as much about you as what’s inside it.

You can find plenty of inspiration to upgrade your travel wardrobe on the American Tourister website – no matter your mood, no matter your style.

All you need is colour

American Tourister bags come in a dazzling variety of colours, designs and shades that make travelling in style easy. Take the Wavebreaker Sparkle Spinner (four wheeled suitcases), for instance, which is available in no less than four designs. You could opt for a funky Chalk Board, Lilac Sparkle, Silver Sparkle or even a Neon Palm (as featured below) for those days where you really feel the tropical spirit.

Be sure to also check out the Instago Spinner collection, which offers stylish designs in Grey/Peach and Grey/Aqua as well as Black/Dark Grey that will complement any Spring outfit.

Finding the perfect cabin bag and adding a personal touch your travel outfit has never been more fun. All it takes is a dash of colour. Because, really, there’s no reason to wait until you’ve arrived at your city trip destination to look your best.