A Broken Backpack

A Broken Backpack – They are among us, the adventurers. They are among us, those who are constantly seeking the next thrill. They are among us, those who push the limits of their very imagination. They are among us and we love them.

The thrill of the outdoors takes millions of people all around the world every single day. From those who enjoy the serenity of forest walks with their loved ones, to those who don’t feel alive unless they’re hanging on by the very last muscle fiber that exists in their index finger; dangling over a 100m high overhang.

Adventure allows a specific type of person to see things in this world that others could only dream about – or look at in their Instagram feed. Being an adventurer is a way of life, it’s not something that you do, the spirit of adventure lives within you. More so than that it takes courage to wander off into the unknown.

Having the right gear makes all the difference when you’re an adventurer. Any Explorer or “Adrenalin junkie” will tell you, skimping on gear because of price could be the difference between life and death. If you’ve ever watched the movie 127 hours you’ll have a very clear and graphic understanding of why having quality gear is essential to your survival.

Basic gear used by most adventurers will consist of a first aid kit, a compass, emergency food supplies, a knife, rope, socks and a way in which to make fire as well as purify water. This may seem like a lot of unnecessary weight to be taking with you on your hike through the forest while on holiday. Most inexperienced hikers/adventurers will take a basic first aid kit and possibly an extra energy bar in their backpack. We strongly recommend that you do research on the trails and area that you plan on exploring before leaving.

Aside from all the gear that could be recommended to you before leaving on your adventure holiday there is one important piece of gear that rarely gets much attention; your backpack.  Your backpack is more than likely the one piece of gear that most people skimp out on and yet is the core fundamental of any survival pack.

A broken strap on a backpack could leave you trapped or caught up. It could get snagged on ropes during your decent and leave you hurtling down to the hard ground below. If you’re trekking through the bush and your backpack gets clipped by a low hanging branch and tears open it could leave you unaware that you’ve lost your last bottle of water.

When it comes to adventuring and living the lifestyle of someone who wants to see the world differently it’s important to ensure that your gear is capable of saving your life. At the end of the day if you’re willing to save yourself R100 on a backpack knowing that the extra price meant 10x the quality, when you’re sitting in the middle of nowhere with a hole in the bottom of your backpack and a broken strap would you rather have the R100 in your pocket or a functional backpack with what you need inside of it.