Don’t pack your hat!

Anyone who’s ever traveled anywhere will know that travel can at the best of times be taxing on not only your enthusiasm but on your sense of style as well. When traveling you need to look your best whether it’s a 2 hour flight to Cape Town or a 10 hour flight to Dubai with a 4 hour layover somewhere in Ethiopia; what you pack will be essential to your survival, or at the very least the survival of your style.


When packing for a trip there are endless options in terms of what to pack and why. Things to be considered are: Where you’re going? What time of year will you be going? What’s the weather like? What type of clothing and accessories will be fashionable there? After deciding on all of these you’re then faced with the difficult decision of which of your favourite fashion items and accessories are going to be packed into the stylish safety of your Wave Breaker Sparkle (cabin luggage). If lilac isn’t your colour though, then don’t worry; it comes in “Silver Sparkle” and looks amazing in both colours!

Your luggage is by far the most important aspect to consider when packing for your trip, it doesn’t matter how far you’re going, or how amazing your outfit is when you arrive. If you’re walking out of the terminal with luggage on your arm that doesn’t scream out and tell the world that you have arrived then have you even arrived? Almost as important as your luggage and what’s inside should be what’s not inside.

The person checking you in, loved your outfit and knew that you were important because they saw your Urban Groove Backpack and upgraded you to first class. It’s been a 10 hour flight and you’ve slept for 8 of them because first class reclines all the way back so that you’re extra comfortable. Your outfit still looks as “fleek” as when you put it on but your hair has let you down and you’re now sitting in first class waiting to disembark with no time to fix it. You’re in luck though, because right next to you is your hat.

Hats are back in fashion and that means that it’s okay to wear them again, but hats can often be quite large and troublesome to get into that fashionably stylish luggage. This is why you “Don’t Pack Your Hat”, it takes up valuable room for other accessories and could be flattened if you don’t pack it right. Save your hat and yourself the embarrassment of looking less than the best. Wear it, don’t pack it.