Celebrate Halloween at these Haunted South African Locations

The Flying Dutchman – Cape Point 

Back in 1641 there was a massive storm that appeared off the coast line at Cape Point. The Flying Dutchman is rumoured to have been a ship that didnt trun back from the storm and was destroyed. It is said that if you stand at the Cape Point Look out you can actually see the ship in the distance. Be sure to take comfortable shoes and a reliable backpack because your car will only take you so far.

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Uniondale Road, Western Cape

Maria Charlotte Roux, a woman who along with her fiancé died tragically in an accident in 1968 is said to haunt the road between Uniondale and Willowmore. She is said to hitchhike, providing an address to anyone who will stop before climbing into the car and disappearing after a few kilometers. 

Abandoned Hospital – Kempton Park

The hospital was abandoned on the 26th December in 1996. There is little known about the hospital, it was seemingly abandoned over night as all the equipment as well as patient files is still held within its walls. There have been multiple reports of Ghost Sightings over the years.

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Nottingham Hotel – Midlands, KZN

Rumor says that the hotel is haunted by two female ghosts who spend their time playing cards, rearranging furniture and best of all the apparently help guests unpack their luggage for them. Maybe these ghosts aren’t so bad, especially if they’re helping you unpack the Palm Valley limited edition  cabin bag that will fit perfectly into your boot… or make for a fast get away.

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