Tips & Tricks: Cherish your holiday photos

While on holiday, enjoying some sightseeing is automatically part of the deal. However, you’ll also want evidence of those great monuments and places you visited, so you whip out your camera and get some snapshots. Before you know it, you’re phone is loaded with great pictures. So what do you do with them when you’re back from your getaway? Not much. You load some of them onto Facebook. You probably shared a couple on Instagram. You pass your phone around to some friends and colleagues. And that’s about it. There is however so much more you can do with them!

Map o’clock

To have an overview of where you’ve been all around the world it would be a fun idea to frame a world map and to put a picture of every trip on there. Make sure to take smaller photos because if they’re too big it will look like you’ve been all around the world when in fact you only went to Paris…

Album time

Back in the days when digital cameras didn’t exist, you would get your photos printed after your holiday. Instead of uploading them to Facebook, people would make a photo album. Why not pick up the habit again? It’s a great way to enjoy yourself and reminisce about your holiday. You can make it really fun by adding little bits of texts and cute decorations like glitter. The best part: you can show the album to your friends in real life while you tell them all about it. AND it’s so much fun to go through them so many years later.

Moment together

The ultimate way to cherish your photos is to host a cosy night with your family and watch all of them together. You can make it a real party and have snacks so you can watch them either on the television or from your albums. No better party than one where you can retrieve memories together!

Display day

Albums are a great way of storing your photographs but if you want to have them on display it would be better to make or buy a picture hanging display. If you want to stand out from the crowd, you should not go for the ordinary photo phrames you find everywhere, but you can make your own. Browsing Pinterest will give you plenty of inspiration.