Glamping: camping done right!

For some, the idea of being in the great outdoors in the midst of nature’s greatest beasts and natural wonders is sometimes pushed aside, because of those dubious associations that are usually made with camping trips: sleeping on the floor, grimy toilets, no running water etc.

A case for the glamper

Some love it, some hate it, and some hate it so much that they would rather avoid it altogether. Yes, the idea of roughing it with insects, sand in your sleeping bag and the occasional heat seeking snake making their way into your canvas abode, is enough to put most people off entirely – I am one of these people, but not all hope is lost. You see, due to the revolt against traditional camping, the idea of ‘Glamping’ came about, which allows you to experience all of the beauty of being in the outdoors and experience nature at its finest, without any of the inconveniences related to camping. It really is the best of both worlds.


Something Familiar

Glamping is basically a house as you know it, inside a canvas tent – That’s right, running water, raised beds, real linen, mosquito nets, a kitchen, living rooms, concrete floors – this is camping done right, a bush hotel if you will, which is why we can’t get enough of it.

Venture into the Okavango!

A destination which we are completely obsessed with which is a mecca for glampers everywhere, is the Okavango Delta in Botswana. This vast natural wonder is visited by travellers from all over the globe seeking some authentic African Beauty. The Delta is prone to seasonal flooding in the months of March and June, which results in mass migrations of wildlife from the drylands in July, a natural spectacle which has captivated travellers for decades, in fact it’s one of the seven natural wonders of the world– a must have event on anyone’s bucket list!

A unique getaway

The Okavango delta is one of the only places left on earth where animals roam freely, and not in a game reserve environment, making this a unique getaway of note.

We’ve spotted a few camps (or glamps) which should be on everyone’s glamping shortlist!

Machaba – This stunning camp is built in an iconic 1950’s style, with en-suite luxury tenting. The camp lies in the Khwai area which is abundant with game and other wildlife.

Gomoti – This camp is situated on the edge of the Gomoti river, offering guests a sublime view of the Delta, as it was meant to be experienced. The tents are en-suite and oozing with luxury.

Glamping destinations in the Okavango Delta are aplenty as this unique experience allows tourists to be within nature, not a game reserve but nature without any boundaries, as free and wild as it will ever be.

So, don’t let the hardcore campers put you off by saying it’s not the ‘authentic’ experience – they will after all be the ones waking up with a sore back and a plethora of mosquito bites. Go on, book your trip, we already have!